GOVR does VR gaming differently

Playing in virtual reality is incredible. We tend to have the most fun in VR when we get to feel totally immersed in another world which is why we make sure our VR gaming events are designed to let you get as lost as you want in VR,

GOVR gaming events offer long play times at low affordable prices, multiplayer modes to go adventuring with friends and high quality games curated and tested by the GOVR team. GOVR takes that initial wow-I’m-in-VR rush you'll get when you put on a headset and builds it into something even more spectacular and just down right fun.


Our regular monthly events


Party Bash - Free gaming night

Currently paused - new venue to be announced soon

Brighton's favourite free virtually reality gaming night. Party Bash splits players into two teams to compete head to head in a variety of VR games and challenges. Collect high scores and lead your team to epic victory! Winners go home with a prize! Check the calendar below to book free tickets for the next Party Bash.


VR Garage Day - Arcade Pop Up

Currently paused - new venue to be announced soon

VR Garage Day is the UK's most affordable VR arcade popup featuring a jam-packed selection of high quality virtual reality games to play from. VR Garage Day often features top shelf VR games you can't find anywhere else. Check the calendar below to book time slots for the next VR Garage Day.


Upcoming events

Alongside GOVR's regular monthly events, we put on a variety of special events. Keep an eye on the calendar below or follow us on social media to find out about upcoming events. See in calendar view.

Games featured at GOVR events

We don't play when it comes to choosing what we play, which means the games you step into at our gaming events are some of the best VR games available. We keep a wide and diverse selection of games which we're always updating and different events tend to feature different games. To find out what games are available at our upcoming events, check the event's webpage above. Below are some the games we have featured before or may be currently featuring. If you'd like us to feature a game you don't see in our upcoming events, let us know by emailing us at

For a full list of games featured at an event, check the individual event's page.