VR Sim Racing Weekend
to Jul 21

VR Sim Racing Weekend

Pedal to the metal, pure racing realism.


For one weekend, GOVR invites you to feel the full force of true-to-life VR racing. Take the wheel of professionally simulated and tested real-world cars from a variety of classes and eras, and race on virtual carbon-copies of the world’s most exhilarating race tracks.

Using an industry-grade, ultra-responsive set of steering wheel and pedals, you’ll experience high-precision VR racing with atmospheric conditions and weather physics that affect vehicle performance and handling in real-time. Our VR racing instructor will show you the ropes of VR racing and help you take the chequered flag. This isn’t a coin-operated, arcade game. This is pure racing realism.

Please note that VR racing can be a more intense and a less comfortable VR experience for some people than other experiences available at GOVR cafe.

Four packages are available during this VR Sim Racing Weekend:


Just Race

Full race experience complete with practice, qualifiers and 20-car racing. Choose from a variety of classes and legendary race tracks.

1 hour - £20


Road to F1

Become a Formula 1 racing champion. With the help of our VR racing instructor, you’ll go hands-on with the ultimate machines in motorsport and master the ins and outs of Formula 1 racing.

1.5 hours - £28


Hypercar test drive

Step into the world’s elite, high performance sportscars - authentically recreated in VR with uncompromising detail.

30 min - £12


Le Mans Endurance Race

Put your willpower and strength to the test in this grain-to-pixel perfect simulation of the world’s oldest and most prestigious endurance race. Scale down the 24-hour race to the duration of your choosing and experience full day to night transition - with a chance of rain and thunder!

Different lengths - £10 per 30 minutes

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to Apr 21

Easter Egg Hunt - Collect and Win!

Collect Easter eggs when you play VR to win prizes!


UPDATE 24 April 2019: Winning raffle ticket announced!

Thank you all for taking part in our Easter Egg challenge this past holiday weekend! We had over 30 challenges completed in the cafe! If you've got raffle ticket "4 AC3E 4P6Q", then you've won the grand prize of one free VR hour and a free Escape The Vault session for up to four people! Email us at info@govrbrighton.com to claim your prize!

The rules are simple. We’ve set a number of “Easter egg” challenges for you to beat while you play VR this week from Wednesday 16 April to Sunday 21 April. Each challenge you beat counts as one Easter egg. Collect three eggs to win a 25% discount to use at our VR cafe. Collect six eggs to win a free Party Bash ticket. Collect eight Easter eggs to win a free VR hour!

Plus, each Easter egg challenge you beat gets you one ticket for our raffle for a free VR hour and a free Escape the Vault session for up to four people!

Easter egg challenges

easter egg 2.png

Win a black belt in Loco Dojo

easter egg 5.png

Catch a golden pig in Loco Dojo

easter egg 3.png

Enter Grand Sensei’s temple in Loco Dojo

easter egg 6.png

Beat a zombie boss in Killing Floor: Incursion

easter egg.png

Lob a grenade successfully in Killing Floor Incursion

easter egg 7.png

Revive your teammate in Killing Floor: Incursion

easter egg 4.png

Survive eight waves in Longbow

easter egg 8.png

Win a match without conceding a point in Sparc

easter egg 9.png

Paint an artwork in TiltBrush

easter egg 10.png

Take part in Party Bash this week*

easter egg 11.png

Win first place with your team at Party Bash this week*

easter egg 12.png

Record the fastest time escaping the vault this Easter weekend

The prizes

easter egg 2.png

x 3 = 25% off one hour on a VR headset

easter egg 2.png

x 6 = One free Party Bash ticket

easter egg 2.png

x 8 = One free hour on a VR headset

easter egg 2.png

= one raffle ticket to win a free hour on a VR headset and a free Escape the Vault session for up to four people

*Note: These are the only Easter eggs that can be collected during Party Bash.

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